2-Way and 3-Way Matching in Accounts Payable Explained


3-way matching is a secure method of preventing overpayments and, subsequently, monetary losses. Additionally, the AP team can be empowered to determine the best course of action when they encounter a discrepancy. They can decide if they want to pre-pay the amount, or reach out to the vendor https://quick-bookkeeping.net/ for credit, or find another possible solution. On the other hand, reconciliation is the process of checking two data sets to see if they agree. A cash flow statement created using the indirect method is an excellent example of a reconciliation between the net profit and the cash flow.

  • A car manufacturer wanted to a order 200 lithium-ion batteries and have them delivered to his plant.
  • Ideally, any vendor you work with should value your working relationship and your business enough to mitigate and minimize any invoice or shipping issues proactively.
  • The advantages and effectiveness of automating the 3-Way Matching Accounts Payable process have been more than shown.
  • Integrated AP automation is an innovative and efficient solution for companies that want to minimize workload and maximize employee productivity.

A fraudulent invoice won’t have a corresponding purchase order or order receipt. Because the process requires three documents to be compared before payment can be issued, a fraudulent invoice will be detected immediately. The three-way match compares what has been ordered with what has been received. Businesses can track the origin of invoices and ensure their legitimacy to avoid fraud or duplication. Vendor invoices and order receipts are needed during the auditing process. Comparing the data present in these two documents before the completion of the transaction ensures a straightforward process.

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Although the 3-way matching process is a labour-intensive and time-consuming process, it is an effective business practice for suppliers and buyers. By acquiring, requiring, and matching these documents, a foolproof and secure payment process can be ensured. The 3-way match accounting entries need to be in sync for successful 3-way matching. If any of the 3 documents fail to match, the invoice payment is put on hold until the discrepancy is resolved. The 3-way match process in accounts payable can be used in SAP, ERP, and Odoo implementations.

  • With these three documents in hand, the accounts payable personnel can crosscheck to determine whether a supplier’s invoice is legitimate, before making payment.
  • In the accounting and bookkeeping area of accounts payable, the three-way match refers to a procedure used when processing an invoice received from a vendor or supplier.
  • Smart artificial intelligence (AI) can verify invoices in a 3-way matching process that takes minutes instead of days, and without the need for human interception – reducing error.

Whereas the AP staff member might not have the information at hand, Intelligent 3-Way Match isolates the problem that is preventing a proper match. We saved more than $1 million on our spend in the first year and just recently identified an opportunity to save about $10,000 every month on recurring expenses with Planergy. There are several key reasons why business owners are moving to adopt 3-way match in AP. The two most common types of matching are two-way and three-way matching. After a stint in equity research, he switched to writing for B2B brands full-time.

What is 2-way and 3-way matching in Accounts Payable?

Every time a person or department needs something for their work, they send a request outlining what they need, how much they need, and why. What if you found that up to 2% of your company’s payments have duplicates, the erroneous amount charged, or other errors? The receiving https://business-accounting.net/ report or receipt of goods is an additional technique of verification added by the Accounts Payable 3-Way Match. Accounts Payable approval procedures include two-, three-, and four-way matching; however, the degree to which the matching process is used varies for each version.

Download the invoice tracking template to avoid costly mistakes, clarify financial patterns, and track spending throughout the year. AP departments must check all three against each other to ensure legitimacy and consistency. Faster payments can also potentially lead to improved credit terms, priority in orders, and early payment discounts. Then the AP clerk cross-references the GRN to verify that 10 monitors were, in fact, delivered. Considering how much time we all spend trying to get the best terms on our contracts, a blanket 5% haircut on your business’s revenue in exchange for absolutely nothing is ridiculous.

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With NetSuite, you go live in a predictable timeframe — smart, stepped implementations begin with sales and span the entire customer lifecycle, so there’s continuity from sales to services to support. The goods ordered through a purchase order are received by the appropriate authority such as stores personnel, inventory manager, or warehouse gate-keeper, who issues a GRN or Goods Received Note. The supplier sends an invoice to the buyer against the sale of goods or services ordered through a purchase order. If the hospital has a five percent tolerance, then they might accept 2,850 masks or 3,150 masks.

This process enables your AP department to detect different kinds of payment errors, including fraudulent invoices, duplicate invoices, and even minor errors in supplier invoices. Before AP can issue a payment to a supplier, the three-way matching process requires verification of three component documents to check that each contains the same data. This ensures that your company is only paying for items it has actually received.

Considerations When Choosing an AP Invoice Automation Solution

The purchase order is an official confirmation receipt of the order sent by the buyer to the vendor. The purchase order authorizes the purchase and includes information like PO number, payment information, and description of goods and their quantity. A good audit trail that tracks the flow of cash in and out of a business is indispensable whenever you’re faced with an audit. Whether it’s from the government, investors, or other vested parties, three-way matching creates a robust paper trail that’s useful for verifying how much legitimate expenses a business has made. The receiving order specifies that a receiving officer has accepted the goods delivered by the supplier, and records the quantity, the delivery condition, and any other points applicable to note. This document is forwarded to the accounts department once the receiving department has completed their due diligence and recording.

The last thing that business owners would want when their business grows is fraud or inaccuracies in business transactions. Put all that together and you get a smarter three-way matching solution that eliminates error 100 percent at a fraction of the time and at even lesser cost. 3 way matching using the SAP accounting system or ERP is the matching of a purchase order to an invoice and a goods receipt. At Rillion, we provide accounts payable automation (AP Automation) to organizations in over 50 countries worldwide.

Manual processing causes delays and backlogs due to misplaced or missing information. Process bottlenecks result in delayed payments to suppliers, which in turn tarnishes the reputation of the company and weakens https://kelleysbookkeeping.com/ supplier relationships. Here are three key tips to apply in order to simplify your three-way matching process so you can process accounts payable faster, without sacrificing security and transparency.

It improves data accuracy

However, with a manual process, even when trying to avoid overpaying, businesses can often end up with much higher processing costs. The most complex, labor-intensive, and time-consuming invoice matching technique is 4-way matching. The supplier invoice is matched against the PO and the receiving report, which is matched to the packing slip or order receipt. 3-way matching can be implemented either by setting up a team to manually match invoices to purchase orders and receiving reports or by implementing automation into your company. Accounting for purchase orders and receiving reports, in general, help companies manage their finances better by accounting for purchases before the bill is paid.

The goods receipt note provides information on the actual goods or services delivered and stipulates shortages or damaged goods. The supplier’s invoice is a document that details the goods or services supplied and is a request for payment from the buyer. It includes the supplier’s contact information, a description of the goods or services provided, payment details, and the total owed.